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Part 1 Rules

Here are some rolls that you can display.

These are small (50 to 70K) versions of the masters (300-500K), but since Tripod only gives me room for 300 smallish one and bandwidth only gives us time to load the the smaller ones, we will work with what we have.

    Soon (keep your shirt on) we will have ways to name the pics by:
  • giving a caption
  • giving the year
  • naming the people
  • giving it an album number?


Part 2 First groupings

Roll r01 (2 pics) Sgt Pepper?
Roll r03 (4 pics,3 of M?)
Roll r04 (61 pics. Now we're cooking!)
Roll r05 (Washington Skiiing (11 pics))
Roll r06 (15 various no theme)
Roll r08 (15 pics Michael is2? K is P with Steph?)
Roll r09 (24 pics Stephanie is3?)
Roll r10 (16 pics Stephanie in Labor)
Roll r11(8 pics OK corral stuff)
Roll r12 (12 pics St Aug, Fl. 1966?)
Roll r13 (10 pics Cape Hatteras)
Roll r14 (27 pics, Wade has broken Arm)
Roll r15(25 pics looks like MuleTrain )
Roll r16 (9 pics stephanie + Croc)
Roll r17 (15 pics, Mardi Gras truck Cafe du Monde)
Roll r18 (13 pics Jasmine Street 1956?)
Roll r19 (11 pics 1958)
Roll r20(18 pics Wade at 1 + Texas trip)
Roll r21 (14 pics Michael is 2?)

Part 3 So Far